Can't start container after disk resize

Discussion in 'Linux Virtual Machine' started by ZoltanB4, Dec 30, 2023.

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    I resized a disk from 200 to 250GB and can no longer start the container. What can be wrong?

    prlctl list 10-0-0-111 --info
    ID: {cbcd6808-ad35-4386-b149-1d39c84592c9}
    EnvID: cbcd6808-ad35-4386-b149-1d39c84592c9
    Name: 10-0-0-111
    Type: CT
    State: stopped
    OS: centos7
    Template: no
    Uptime: 1358 days 20:10:32 (since 2020-04-10 09:41:53)
    Home: /vz/private/bf9a04dd-0440-464b-b363-bd8423824c84/
    Backup path:
    Owner: root
    GuestTools: state=possibly_installed
    GuestTools autoupdate: on
    Autostart: on
    Autostop: suspend
    Autocompact: on
    Boot order:
    EFI boot: off
    Allow select boot device: off
    External boot device:
    Remote display: mode=off address=
    Remote display state: stopped
    cpu sockets=1 cpus=8 cores=8 VT-x hotplug accl=high mode=64 cpuunits=1000 ioprio=4
    memory 12288Mb hotplug
    video 0Mb 3d acceleration=off vertical sync=yes
    memory_guarantee auto
    hdd1 (+) scsi:0 image='/root.hdd' type='expanded' 256000Mb mnt=/ state=connected subtype=virtio-scsi
    venet0 (+) type='routed' ips=' '
    Features: nfs:eek:n
    Disabled Windows logo: on
    Nested virtualization: off
    Offline management: (-)
    DNS Servers:

    [root@server03 root.hdd]# prlctl start 10-0-0-111
    WARNING: You are using a deprecated CLI component that won't be installed by default in the next major release. Please use virsh instead
    Starting the CT...
    Failed to start the CT: PRL_ERR_VZCTL_OPERATION_FAILED (Details: Failed to read /root.hdd/DiskDescriptor.xml: Error in ploop_open_dd (di.c:364): Can't resolve /root.hdd/DiskDescriptor.xml: No such file or directory
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    Never mind. Resolved. Please delete this.

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