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    I have used the Capture Area feature extensively in the past, but it is recently exhibiting strange behaviour.

    Once you have selected the area to capture, and move the mouse over the selected area, the mouse icon changes to a camera icon and the area gets a blue wash mask. Clicking the mouse at this point "takes the shot" and captures the selected area.

    It has always worked this way, but since recent updates the blue wash mask is now being captured with the image. See attached image timed 09.52.02.

    The only workaround I am able to find at present is, to make sure that the mouse is NOT over the selected area (ie no camera icon or blue wash) and then hit space bar to effect the capture. See image timed 09.52.13.
    Any ideas ?

    Running: macOS 10.13.3 and Parallels Toolbox 2.5.1 (1406)

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    there were no significant changes in 2.5.1 version of Parallels Toolbox that could cause this issue.
    Maybe you've updated the macOS to latest version?

    Anyway we will try to reproduce it and fix. Thanks for reporting the bug.
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