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    9oiA tool that activates a shortcut to turn off input for incoming or present cat.

    CTRL+Right Arrow are the furthest keys apart on most keyboards.
    Ideally, the activated tool would sense the ridiculous input of a cat and shut down the keyboard entirely until user presses the shortcut buttons.

    In Practice:
    I activate the tool.
    A. I note that the cat is about to be a jerk, and hit CTRL+Right arrow to disable keyboard/touchpad input. Undo by hitting CTRL+Right arrow again
    B. The cat cats all over the keyboard. Tool senses the gibberish (think a little stronger than the windows repeat key tool). Tool shuts down input until I hit CTRL-Right arrow.
    I might come back to find input locked because of activity while I was not present. CTRL+Right arrow.
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