Catalina Desktop Access greyed-out issue ... solved

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by KenS7, Jan 13, 2020.

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    I didn't find this so I am posting what I found. Mac OS Catalina upgrade. Trying to open for first time after the upgrade.
    It said: "Parallels" is trying to access your Desktop. Cancel/Allow. But every time I moused over the dialog it would grey-out.
    A Chat SUpport person asked me something which was confusing but I figured out meant Open System Preferences and Unlock changes.
    I went into Systems Preferences .. Security & Privacy .. Files & Folders .. I unlocked the Lock Icon, which I keep locked down.
    After unlocking the System Preferences pages for Security & Privacy/Files and Folders. (which was not open) the dialog was still greyed out. However, I hit Escape and it reappeared several tines and eventually was not greyed-out. I clicked OK. Then I got further dialog from Parallels about 3 more access folders. Some were greyed-out but hitting Escape eventually caused them to be ok. Parallels then started.
    I think anyone with Catalina who keeps Settings locked will see this.
    Greyed-out vs Grayed-out, either spelling.
  2. Could you share the screenshot of the issue please?

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