CD/DVD drive drivers "missing"

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by Tom George, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. Tom George

    Tom George

    I've encountered the same problem for two operating systems: Ubuntu Server (64 bit) and Windows 7. (both 64 and 32 bit versions)

    The operating systems cannot be installed (this is a bit of a problem with Windows 7 because neither version will install).

    In all three cases, they say they are missing drivers for the CD/DVD drive (despite having successfully loaded themselves from said drive).

    Anyone else having this issue? What is the solution? I'm assuming it's a fix for Parallels server--seems like the drive drivers are working fine at some level.
  2. David Erwin

    David Erwin

    I have the same problem

    I am also receiving this error while installing Win 7 Ultimate on Parallels 5. It is also happening via bootcamp, which is putting me in a difficult spot as I have already wiped out my old Windows partition and am unable to reinstall.

    If you know a resolution to the problem, please post it.

    Thanks in advance,
  3. David Erwin

    David Erwin

  4. BlazejM


    @ David

    I have exactly the same problem, installong both from ISO or DVD. Did You came up with any solution?

  5. David Erwin

    David Erwin

    Hi Blaze,

    Unfortunately not yet. I ended up reinstalling win xp on my mac.

    It looks like the problem is with the particular version of the install cd that we have. I had a similar problem with my install cd on windows, however, and was able to fix it by downloading a different release iso and installing from there.

    Good luck,
  6. NigelM


    End Result: Parallels Server is underdeveloped, while it is the "Only Game In Town" it is in need of updates and further development. We see various problems with the latest Windows 7, and Ubuntu (64-bit Doesn't work at all, CDROM Drive install errors) while 32-bit Ubuntu has weird issues such as the first 5 lines at the top of the screen being cut off in Console or full screen view, etc.

    The exact error message:
    Detect and mount CDROM:
    "No Common CD-ROM drive was detected"
    You may need to load additional CD-ROM drivers from removable media, such as a driver floppy. If you have such media available now, insert it and continue, Otherwise you will be given the option to manully select CD-ROM modules.

    "Your CD-ROM Drive may be an old Mitsumi or another non-IDE, non-SCSI CD-ROM drive. In that case you should choose which module to load and the device to use. If you don't know which module and device are needed, Look for some documentation or tyry a network installation instead of a CD-ROM installation."

    I must tell you two things:
    1) The cd boots up and loads the setup enviroment flawlessly.
    2) VMWare fusion loads Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS flawlessly.
    3) You guys are way better than VMWare, and should be able to fix this!
    (Sorry, had to add a 3.)

    Thank you in advance.
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  7. NigelM


    This issue is definatly specific to 64-Bit Versions of Windows 7 and Ubuntu (Server) 64-Bit. I have installed the same version (10.04 LTS 32-bit) of Ubuntu Server just fine.

    Parallels, or Ubuntu. The question is: Who is at fault here?
  8. DineshM


    Windows 7 bit Under Parallels 6 still missing CD/DVD DRivers

    I just upgraded to Parallels Desktop 6.0 and I am still getting the missing CD/DVD drivers error message I thought that windows 7 64bit was supported under 6.0?

    What gives? Anyone have any luck?
  9. Nick Summy

    Nick Summy

    I've had the same issue with Ubuntu and Windows. Redownloading the ISO file fixed the problem in both situations. I know it seems bizarre to think that a file could have errors in it and still even get that far into the installation but I think that is the case
  10. Parminder S

    Parminder S

    Hi,thanks for sharing the information but sorry guys i'm sorry,i'm facing the same problem here.Can anyone help me.
  11. JoergS


    Update of the issue?

    I'M facing this issue too!
    32Bit W7 no problem, 64Bit not possible!

    Has anyone found a solution?
  12. DukS00


    manual control

    I had the same problem, but I found an answer.

    Go to Parallels configuration and then hardware.

    Go to CD/DVD and uncheck connected.

    Then, your mac will recognize CD/DVD drive
  13. luongt


    me too being seen this problem it not resolve, hope really helps of the that you
  14. KonstantinB

    KonstantinB Bit Poster

    Hello all!

    What Parallels product are you talking about?
    I assume Parallels Desktop for Mac versions 5 and 6.
    In recent products CD/DVD in Virtual Machines are plain SATA or IDE (Depending on guest OS type) and do not requires any special drivers.
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  15. MToddB


    I'm using Parallels Desktop 9, the current build (9.0.24172) and am getting the problem. I've attempted to fix it in several ways, but so far no luck. We are ending support for XP and everything needs to be upgraded to W7. I'm stuck.

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