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Discussion in 'Parallels Image Tool' started by aggelosp, May 10, 2008.

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    I'm trying to use Image Tool for converting a plain disk VM to an expanding one. However I don't have enough space in my main MBP HDD. Is there a way to redirect the temporary file to another location?

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  2. Stuw

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    You can try to create symbolic link to your disk image on another HDD. Parallels Image Tool will process image on HDD where symlink is located :)

    to create simlink type in colnsole
    >ln -s <full path to hdd image> <new place>

    NOTE: '>' just show that text must be typed in console

    For example:
    You have two external drives. On is /Volumes/MyHdd1, and second is /Volumes/MyHdd2
    Image located on /Volumes/MyHdd1 in folder Parallels/hdds/WinXP.hdd
    Drive on /Volumes/MyHdd1 have NOT enough free space.
    Drive on /Volumes/MyHdd2 have enough free space.
    Just create link:
    >ln -s /Volumes/MyHdd1/Parallels/hdds/WinXP.hdd /Volumes/MyHdd2/NewFolder/windows_xp.hdd

    In Parallels Image Tool open image from /Volumes/MyHdd2.

    That's all :)

    p.s. after Parallels Image Tool finishes it's work you will have a modified copy of your disk image in /Volumes/MyHdd2 and simlink that was not removed by Image Tool (with .copy extension) :) You can remove this simlink (source image and new image are still alive)

    WBR, Stuw
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