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    Good Day One and All,
    We recently updated our password requirements for our organization to match the CISA standards of min 16 characters. The Group Policy that enforces this on the machine level is able to max out to 14 characters due to the OS it's running off of. To supplement that limitation, a Fine Grained Password Policy is emplaced to force the minimum 16 to all users. When a user goes to change their password in the Web Client provided by the Parallels RAS, it is showing the 14 character requirement and not the 16 character requirement. Is there a place I can manually change this text so that users are consistently informed of the correct requirements going forward? I didn't see an option in the web client themes, but I might've missed it.
    Any recommendations or support would be appreciated.
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    RAS should read the password requirements from the AD. It will report on the limitations that it was provided with. Since you are using "Fine Grained Password Policy" to augment the standard requirements, I think that you should file a feature request to "Parallels Support" to support reading "Fine Grained Password Policies" too.

    On the other hand, if you are comfortable with using Azure to change the password, RAS 19.3 supports passing in a URL to perform a password change outside of the RAS infrastructure but still within the RAS workflow.
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