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Discussion in 'Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM' started by DominickV1, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. DominickV1

    DominickV1 Bit poster

    I have two SCCM infrastructures in my company environment - one for Development and one for Production. In order to prevent clients from registering with DEV site we do not define Boundaries for site assignment and do not publish Site information to AD.

    Right now I have a Parallels client on a Mac connected to PROD site - I want to migrate it over to connect to the DEV site instead. I have my Boundary for the single IP of the Mac defined in my DEV boundary list.

    How can I:
    1) Change the site code to point to DEV instead, if possible?
    2) For future agent installs, is there a way to script/code the agent to register with the DEV site rather than pull from DNS/AD and automatically go to production instead?
  2. JasonF6

    JasonF6 Bit poster

    I'm in for the answer as well.
  3. FredrikR1

    FredrikR1 Junior Member

    I need to know this also
  4. Yury Averkiev

    Yury Averkiev Program Manager Member

    Officially this feature is going to be available in the v6.0. We do have a custom build based on the v5.0 that has this capability implemented. The custom build can be requested via Support. Note, that the build is not officially supported, so "Use on your own risk" rule would apply.
  5. FredrikR1

    FredrikR1 Junior Member

    At the moment we face issues where using the silent installation script "" it will take enroll into the wrong site.
    We have to Parallels proxy servers (separate sites no CAS) in same domain and it will just take one of them does not matter what server/URL is specified in the parameters to the script. Is this also fixes in the custom build/v6.0?
  6. TimofeyF

    TimofeyF Parallels Team

    Hi Fredrik,
    No, the custom build does not address the issue you are talking about. Please contact the support team - we need more information about the results of the unattended installation. We will need logs to understand why the client has been bound to unexpected site. The one of the possible reasons is the boundary conflict, because the site boundaries are the primary source of information for the binding process.
  7. FredrikR1

    FredrikR1 Junior Member

    We have a support case open for this but what you tell me sounds like the problem we have.
    Both sites have share some of the same AD site boundaries and that is by design.
    One site is for test/dev where we currently have the Mac computers and the other is prod where we are moving to.
    We will always have some clients in test/dev and rest in prod. On the Windows SCCM client we can specify what site it should install to. This is needed for PMA

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