Changing Web Presence Builder Language (for trial websites)

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    I hope people from Parallels read and answer to that one!

    We have open topics at the Plesk 10.x for Windows section, which don't have any answers for some time.

    We are wondering, if it's possible to change the language (that is installed with the Panel, itself, and enabled) to anything else than english, for the customers (for the trial WPB sites).

    We can change the default language as a registered customer and when we open WPB from the panel, it opens in that customer's default panel language. That's OK! But, When a potential customer reaches to my pages and wants to create a WPB trial site... There is no way to change the language as it's when entering the panel.

    Right now, I am tring to open the link under Customer Acquisition Scenario Settings which is like
    But whatever I use instead of the "xx-XX" part, it would ignore what I write and open WPB only in english. I want to add that demo link to my site and attract customers with that. Isn't that the whole thing about your "Customer Acquisition Scenario"? If I cannot serve that beautiful thing to my customers on their language, what is the point of all these then?

    I hope that I could tell what's is on my mind. If there is a workaround for changing the default language for WPB trial sites, we would like to know that. If there is no way for that, please just consider that as a "Feature Suggestion" for the next updates. I am sure a lot of people are looking forward to it.

    Thanks for interest...
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    This is really a nice question. Infact I too want to know if that is possible or not

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    I have the same problem. I translate my WPB and according to Customer Acquisition Scenario they cant use WPB other than English. I hope someone solves this problem

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