Checking the Disks after Improper Shutdown - Stuck

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by JeffS15, Feb 24, 2021.

  1. JeffS15

    JeffS15 Bit Poster

    I've been trying to boot to Windows guest and it's stuck on the 'checking the disks after improper shutdown' message for a full 24 hours now. It says 'don't quit the app to prevent data loss' and basically has zero info about whether or not it's actually doing anything. (Had to get a spare laptop from work in the meantime.)

    Any way to determine if it's still working? Any options for checking the VM to see if it's recoverable at this point?

    Thanks much, Jeff
  2. BrandonH9

    BrandonH9 Bit Poster

    I'm having this same issue and running Parallel 18 on Ventura with Windows 11 Home. I'm getting "Checking the disks after improper shutdown. Please wait... Don't quit the app to prevent data loss.", then it pauses automatically. It never accesses Windows 11 again. I've restarted my macbook pro and still happens. I decided to uninstall Parallels then reinstalled. It prompted me to install a new version of Windows 11 (maybe I shouldn't have?) But when I access the older image, it still happens with the above error. Anyone have suggestions??

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