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    Hi All:

    My first post here!

    This is likely a Google/Chrome issue, but I cannot find anything specifically about the problem in the Google set of support pages. I am just checking to see if indeed it is a Parallels issue that perhaps others have seen before.

    I am a multi-year Parallels user, but this is the first time I have tried Chrome OS. My host machine is a MacBook Air, and I am using the latest version of Parallels, 9.0.

    I was able to install Chrome OS just fine. I was also able to install the Google Hangouts application. This part went fine. I can text message back and forth with other Google Hangout users with no problem. My goal however is to run the video chat aspect of the Hangout app.

    When I click the little video icon at the top left of the Hangout window, i get prompted to install a setup application. This downloads an .exe file. Despite the Chrome window saying all will be installed "automagically", this auto-install doesn't complete, and if I double-click the .exe that is downloaded I get an error message about .exe file types not being supported.

    As I said, it is likely a Chrome issue, but should you have any Parallels-related or other insight please let me know.

    Thanks in advance,


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