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Discussion in 'Other Virtual machines' started by Mimi3, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Mimi3

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    The last few days i have been trying to install Chrome OS on Parallels 11,
    but the problem is after install there's no "Google Log Window" . Only a white screen.
    What can I do ?
    I already download, install and uninstall many times.
    How can I fix this and run Chrome OS ?
  2. walterT

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    Same here, please fix this issue.
  3. priyankaa

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    firstly Keep holding the Esc and Refresh key until you see a screen that says Chrome OS is missing or damaged.
    Now switch over to your other computer. Insert your USB drive or SD card. Open Chrome and install the Chromebook recovery utility from Google
    then launch the app.
  4. Miiichael

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    Hello! I installed a non-foreign Chrome OS computer on Parallels 11, the installation hangs before it reaches the end. The computer freezes and you have to turn it off through the task manager. What could be the problem?
  5. ThomasAdams24

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    Hey guys,

    I have similar issue and you could fix them all after reading this short manual, good luck fixing it :)
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