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  1. John-BernardT

    John-BernardT Bit poster

    I have a lot of great software that is FDD Bassed and worked on the classic mac
    I have tried to install Os9 but the parrelles installer dose not reconise the installer so I cant make it happen,
    Help. I own previous Os install disks and I would like to use my older software
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  2. alev

    alev Parallels Team

    Hi John-BernardT,

    Parallels Desktop is unable to virtualise PowerPC to run Classic Mac OS. However, many people run their classic Mac OS PowerPC applications on their latest Macs with help of Parallels Desktop + Snow Leopard + Rosetta.

    I believe you don't have issues with getting Parallels Desktop.

    To get Snow Leopard, you can buy it from Apple:
    or if you are in the Apple Developer program download from:

    In Parallels Desktop Installation assistant select Snow Leopard.dmg as a source and proceed through installation.
    When you then try to start a classic mac app in a Snow Leopard VM, it will offer you to install Rosetta. Or you can preselect it in Mac OS X installation options. So this part is easy.

    Let me know what is your experience and what kind of software you are trying to run!
  3. FredL4

    FredL4 Bit poster

    This doesn't work at all. It just says support has ended.
    I tried on Snow Leopard Server 10.6.8.

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