Clean install of HighSierra and Parallels 13 with no response from Virtual Machine(Win10)

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by steve14, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. steve14


    I've clean installed both Mac OS and parallels using the windows 10 iso from MS website.

    I've installed, uninstalled and reinstalled P-Tools a number of times as that seems to be the go-to response to most questions in the forum, all to no avail.

    So far I've had:

    Win10 stuck in a restarting loop, where it simply doesn't do anything - powered down Mac to resolve.
    Dodgy floating windows task bar - believe reinstall ofPTools fixed this.
    VM not repsonding regardless of whether I'm in coherence or not.
    Unable to install or access anyhow on the VM
    Unable to search folder structure as VM hangs.

    On each iteration of the reset cycke I'm stuck with one of those bottom three issues. Not ideal. Can anyone help me solve please? Preferably a solution that doesn't resolve around until stalling and reinstalling PTools again.

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