Clicking on Icon in Dock doesn't take me to that window

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Mel A, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Mel A

    Mel A

    I use windows XP and parallels 6 on MAC book pro intel. Sometimes when I click the icon of an open windows program in the dock it doesn't switch to that window. i try a four finger swipe and then click on the program icon and still the window doesn't swap. I have to click in bottom right corner of my screen and bring up spaces and then click on the windows with the XP program open. This can be very annoying.

    A second issue when I have MS office products such as word or powerpoint open with more than one file open. If I click on the dock to switch to another program that is open and then click on dock to return to the MS office program I just left, it won't return to the document window that was showing when I originally clicked away from the program. For example, if I have open documents 1 and 2 in word and I am viewing document 1 and I click to another window, when I return, document 2 is showing rather than document 1. This is a pain because for example I had just clicked on a Bible program to copy some test for pasting in document 1. When i return to document 2 instead of document 1, I have to switch the document window to do the paste operation. Just an additional step that is caused by some kind of bug

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