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    We have PCs in our retail stores for our shop staff to use. They are a mix of Windows 7 and Windows 10 Pro machines. They are all configured to use a single local windows user account. (They are no connected to AD). The Parallels RAS client policy is set to not remember passwords.

    We are having a problem that keeps recurring. After the client is installed and configured it works fine for a while. After some time, we get called by our users reporting that they can't log on. On investigation I have found that the client will accept the user's username and password and present them with the list of published applications but when the try to run one of the applications or published desktop they get an error "[2055] - The username and password is incorrect.".
    parallels error.PNG

    I've tried to log in myself with known good credentials and experience the same problem. The username and password are clearly correct as I get the list of applications. Other users connecting to the same server/applications do not experience the same problem at the same time. I have not seen this happen on computers where users each have their own local profile however this isn't a practical model for us at the moment in our retail stores.

    The only way I have found to get around the problem is to delete the following folder:

    and the following registry key:

    I then configure the connection again in the client and all works well again (for a while).

    I have tried the latest client v17.0.21282 (64-bit) but it has the same issue.

    RAS Server version is 16.2 19429 on Server 2008 R2. We connect via a secure gateway in our DMZ configured in SSL Gateway mode.

    If anyone has any idea why this might be happening it would be appreciated.

    Thanks :)
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    The registry key I delete is:
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