Client Installation Errors - ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

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    Recently a small number of remote customers attempting to install the RAS Client on OSX are experiencing 2 issues:
    1. They click the configure link from their invite email, it redirects to their browser, and it eventually displays an ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE
    2. Clicking the configure link may launch the Parallels Client but they the error popup "The specified remote RAS Connection could not be found"
    If we have them attempt to manually configure the connection then they will see the same error as #2 above.

    If they attempt to directly access the URL in the browser they see the error "RAS SecureClientGateway HTTP forwarding is disabled" which we expect, we have disabled the HTML5 client and expect them to use the installed client. However this shows they can access the URL of the RAS server.

    Since most customers have no issues and this is limited to a small number of customers, it's not a systemic issue.

    My questions:
    • Is this a known issue? It seems to be a recent development.
    • Are there steps we can have them take to address the issue?
    • Can we enable verbose logging on the client in OSX? The option appears greyed out and the logs at "~/Library/Containers/com.2X.Client.Mac/Data/ParallelsClient.log" don't contain anything that appears useful for diagnosing this.
  2. Eugene. K.

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    Hi ScottM22,
    Do you have other customers who can use the invitation link to get the client configuration? If yes, then this is not something easy to guess and I advise you to contact support.

    Regarding the greyed out log button it could be a policy delivered from one of the registered RAS connections:
  3. ScottM22

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    Most customers can use the link without issue, I'd estimate this affects 1-3% of our customers.

    I didn't know the logging level could be controlled via the RAS server. I'll look into that to see if it helps give us more information about the root cause.

  4. ScottM22

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    Actually, in thinking about it - the logging level being determined server side won't help us here since the root issue is they can't successfully configure a connection to our RAS server. So any server driven policies won't be applied to the affected clients.
  5. I am now getting this error message on an older iMac running High Sierra (mac can't be further upgraded). I was able to successfully use the software, but it suddenly stopped working. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but continue to get the error. Is the software no longer compatible with High Sierra (10.13.6)?

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