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Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by johnnywhee, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. johnnywhee

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    Hi - having some difficulty setting this up. Installation is on internal network on a win2008 server with terminal services configured (and working) for RDC administration. Server also has a default web site @ port 80 as well as Sharepoint server installed. Installed web portal @ port 81. Have opened the firewall on all 2x associated ports. No internal DNS configured as of yet - using hosts file on different computers with different Win OSs.

    Can see and login to the X2 web portal from any internal machine. Unfortunately, recieve the following error when attempting to access any published app (file is downloaded, 2x client launches, then):

    The client could not establish a connection to the remote computer.

    The most likely causes for this error are:
    1)The servers are too busy to service your request.
    2.)The machine is not part of the farm.

    Any hints/instructions would be appreciated.


  2. jurgencachia

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    Check that the application being deployed is published correctly,for testing purposes eliminate web-portal and try to connect with 2x client using regular gateway.

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