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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by pfloydn, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. pfloydn

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    Has anyone installed the Crossover 6 demo while running parallels? It's not nearly as full featured as Parallels in terms of things supported - but it does support (supposedly) Half-Life 2, which I'd love to play on my MacBook Pro. But it sounds like a pretty invasive install, and it also sounds like it's installing hooks in a lot of the same places as Parallels. So - has anyone installed it? What'd you run into in terms of stability? Parallels stays on my laptop, that's a given. But if there were a way for me to play a few games, that'd be cool too...
  2. modular747

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    I have both installed without any apparent interference. None of the Windows software I use runs as well under Crossover as Parallels, so I hardly ever use it anymore. The only advantage it has is that you don't have to buy a copy of XP - If the software you use runs well in Crossover, that will save a lot (and no unnecessary support of Bill Gate's standing in Forbes wealthiest list). I don't see any performance advantage with Crossover, even though it doesn't have to run virtualized. Now that Parallels has Coherence, it can also run programs on the OS X desktop.
  3. pfloydn

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    I'm not interested in it for typical desktop apps - just the directx game support. I agree, for Outlook, etc - I'd rather just run them in my parallels installation.
  4. BillInSoBe

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    Crossover Office is a modified implementation of WINE for Mac OS X. Essentially they have implemented a Windows API, which allows for some applications to be used without installing Windows at all.

    WINE and Crossover are really great if you can get your applications to behave well in them, however it's not nearly as feature rich as running Windows inside Parallels or VMware. The main reason is your actually running a full-blown copy of Windows will all native APIs, drivers, etc.

    I installed Crossover and found it to be sorely lacking in too many categories. I'd prefer to run Parallels or VMware until someone develops a seamless implementation of the Windows API that supports all applications, games and hardware.
  5. drval

    drval Pro

    This was my experience as well.

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