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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by neutrino15, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. neutrino15



    I downloaded the new beta hoping that my previous complaints would have been resolved. The promise of correct viewing of abstract shapes.. the promise... Well, I still have 3 major complaints!

    1. Things that are supposed to fade in from 0 opacity still fade from the windows background. Click the start menu for example.. It will not fade in. It will show your windows backgound, then quickly fade to the start menu.

    2. Widgets do not display properly. Download the Yahoo Widget Engine. You will see that the background shows in a box around the widget. This happens the same way on splash screens for programs such as autodesk inventor.

    3. all windows windows are counted as an object by mac. This means that you cannot stick an OSX window in between 2 windows windows.

    Thank YOU!!!
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  2. LorenFinkelstein

    LorenFinkelstein Bit Poster

    Item 3 above is an issue for me as well. I'd prefer it if each window acted as it's own. I often have several windows open. Say 2 or 3 IE 7 Windows in Parallels, and a MS Word Document on the Mac. If I need to bring 1 IE window to the front, when I click on it, all the other IE windows cover the Mac word doc. I just want the one window I click on the be brought to the front.

    Thanks for a great program, by the way.

  3. bdcnil2


    I just tried the #3 issue and have no problem putting any of the OS windows where ever I like, even on top of each other. Even Expose works with all of them.

    I'm using Build 3188, w/XP Pro sp2 on a MBB Duo Core; 2 monitors
  4. Parabola


    Coherence is a neat trick, but it does take precious resources. However, you should use Build 3188 to get the best experience. That said, you'll still see slowish video redraw--just try dragging a Windows frame around (back-and-forth). You'll briefly see you Windows desktop pattern. Maybe keep your desktop pattern to a solid color--perhaps the same color as your Mac's desktop--so as to minimize the appearance of this dizzying redraw.

    #1 - is kinda expected, but improved in 3188.
    #2 - I can't bother testing this, but I'd expect it would have slight redraw glitches.
    #3 - I don't have this problem. I can have any arrangement of Windows and Mac window panes in any order, and they float amongst each other fine.
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  5. bdcnil2


    Try using tabs in IE7. Most likely the reason all the IE windows come forward is you are bring the IE application to the front and all it's windows will come with it. So try tabs and then you have just one IE window.

  6. hitlin

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    I have the same problem as Neutrino15 with non-rectangular windows and Coherence.
    The problem is there with Yahoo widgets not confined to a rectangular area. It is also there even with a rectangular region, if the region is not enclosed in a Windows window. Programs that I have seen this with include ObjectDock, AquaDoc and yz_Dock.

    This seems to be due to poor practice in managing video memory within Parallels.

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