Coherence, mission control, and duplicated/inaccurate windows

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by JamesS10, Oct 27, 2021.

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    I'm running Parallels on macOS 11 and 12 (seeing it on both) and Windows 7 as a guest OS.

    When I enable Coherence and try to use Mission Control, it's a crap shoot what window I'll get when I select one.

    There are often duplicated windows when this happens or simply inaccurate previews.

    So what winds up happening is you activate Mission Control, select the window you want, when the window comes into focus, its contents completely change to some other window (because the preview Mission Control was displaying was actually for a different window). Repeat until the actual window comes up (or more likely you click the Dock icon to bring the app into focus and then sift through those windows).

    This only happens in Parallels/Coherence for me (and I only use macOS as host and Windows 7 as guest).

    Is this something others have noticed? It's gone on for over a year for me and is very irritating. I would assume it's a GPU glitch, but this is the only time it happens.
  2. JamesS10

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    I made a screen shot.
    There is only one teal window open, but it shows up inside the preview of another window.
    The window selected is the Edge browser, but it's displaying a version of the window to the right of it (Remote Desktop client).
    You can't really use mission control will windows from Windows IME. The previews are only accurate for macOS windows.

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    Hello @JamesS10, Please refer to this KB article: to create a support ticket and reply with the ticket number along with the technical report ID. Refer this KB article: for Technical report ID with the screenshot of the issue. Thanks, McAllen.

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