Coherence Mode in PD7 with OS X 10.8 does not work

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by NeeravU, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. NeeravU

    NeeravU Bit poster


    The coherence mode is not usable with Mountain Lion and PD7. The main issue is that switching focus on specific windows does not work whether through the dock or through the windows task bar. It seems to be working fine in the full screen and the windows mode.


    PD 7.0.15104 Rev 778994
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  2. sillygoose

    sillygoose Bit poster

    I agree, Coherence mode is basically unusable with the the latest update and Mountain Lion.
  3. MatheusC

    MatheusC Bit poster

    I have same problem!!!

    I have the same problem. Is there any fix release?
  4. DanielBrowning

    DanielBrowning Bit poster

    Glad it's not just a problem with my setup!

    I also find that if I have Windows apps on desktops other then Desktop 1, then my mouse pointer goes a bit crazy when switching between that Windows app and a Mac app on the same desktop. It will flicker rapidly between the Mac pointer and the windows pointer while hovering over the Windows app. Also, right click menus on the dock close instantly when opened if the pointer issue is happening. This doesn't happen if the Windows app is on Desktop 1.

    Anyone else get anything like this?
  5. JoachimI

    JoachimI Bit poster

    Visual Studio

    Problems with Coherence here too, Visual Studio (ReSharper?) tool tips - ie when you mouse-over a variable and it pops the type up - seem to disable mouse clicks while they're open. Makes it very hard to move around in the code.

    Does not happen in Lion or with full screen mode, only in Coherence on Mountain Lion.
  6. Joshisagoodman

    Joshisagoodman Bit poster

    Glad it's not just me either.. am having the same issues as described with intermittent inability to switch focus between windows in coherence mode.

    MacBook Air late 2011, Parallels Build 7.0.15104, Windows XP guest OS
  7. GeoffreyA

    GeoffreyA Bit poster

    Yep! Me Too. Have just re-installed PD7 and tools thinking it was an install problems, but it is not.
    Same cursor shaking and app switching problems like everyone else.

    The sooner the better please, as coherence is the only way for me.
    Its the only thing that does not work for me in 10.8
  8. joakes66

    joakes66 Bit poster

    same here. using winxp and excel 2003 in coherence the mouse will select cells but the keyboard is disabled. i have found that simply switching coherence off then on again will usually allow keyboard to work in excel again.
  9. eamodio

    eamodio Bit poster

    I am having the exact same issues - its really barely usable at this point.
  10. nrenter

    nrenter Bit poster

    Yeah...Me too. It's really frustrating.
  11. GeoffreyA

    GeoffreyA Bit poster

    A good work around to the coherence problem

    I received a work around from Parallels support the other day, and it works to get coherence working again.
    Still not a full fix, but for me it is almost perfect.

    The response and fix:-

    Our Development Team is currently working to fix this issue.
    We would ask you to reproduce this issue, make sure it persists, then press Alt, click II logo in Mac toolbar (with Alt pressed), then click Report a problem -> Send Report, wait till the Problem Report is sent, remember the Problem ID and send it to us in reply to this email.

    Also please try this temporary workaround:
    Go to Virtual machine menu -> Configure -> Options -> Coherence
    uncheck 'Use Crystal mode'

    Check if the issue persists.

    Hope this helps.

  12. WHirsch

    WHirsch Bit poster

    It does not help, working without coherence is the only solution.

    Once again Parallels was not able to port the main product features just in time with the OS version. Looks like testing the product has to be accomplished by the customer.
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  13. therealchrisbye

    therealchrisbye Bit poster

    Similar issues here. Work in "crystal" flavour of Coherence mode. Under Lion worked very well. Under Mountain Lion, there is a noticeable lag as it tries to "animate" dialogue boxes as they open (Macbook Pro with 8 GB of RAM installed!!). Sometimes the dialogue never appears, and I'm left clicking on the main Windows application window and only getting the Windows "bell" sound. Maddening. Please fix.
  14. janlenaerts

    janlenaerts Bit poster

    Mountain lion - p7 - win XP

    using coherence - selected windows don't come to front - used to work with Lion - reinstall parallels Tools - did not work
    please urgent solution, is not workable now
  15. BrianNydish

    BrianNydish Member


    Coherence does not work with the new updates. Please repair. Thx.
  16. chirojunky

    chirojunky Bit poster

    Coherence option not available

    Im running PD7 on Mountain Lion with XP and the latest PD7 update. The coherence option is not even available for me now- its just grayed out and unselectable . I also noticed the last PD7 update changed the XP desktop. It looks like a resolution change as the icons got way smaller. Unfortunately, I do not know what the original resolution was. I changed the resolution so I am good with that.
    Miss my coherence!
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  17. Tony Carreon

    Tony Carreon Hunter

    same. never used crystal - was never a fan, so it's disabled already.

    the way i've found to "work around" this very annoying bug is to click the desktop of your mac before trying to change focus of a windows window.

    so for me, i have 3 windows open (SQL Management Studio, Internet Explorer and Command Line). i want to bring SQL to the foreground. click the mac desktop, click SQL, click the mac desktop and click SQL again. to bring IE to the foreground, click mac desktop, click IE, click desktop, click IE... and on and one. very annoying bug.

    additionally, when going from a mac window to a windows window, you'll have to do the same thing as clicking on the windows window will only cause it to flash and the mac window to become active again. never an issue going from a windows window to a mac window...
  18. Argelian

    Argelian Member

    Coherence only is available if you have Parallels Tools installed in the VM. I too am running PD7 + OS 10.8 and have access to Coherence mode. Double check which PD7 build you are using... I'm using 7.0.15106 Revision 788747; August 3, 2012.

    REPOWER Bit poster

    Coherence workarounds do not help

    I am experiencing the same problems with Coherence. The Crystal box is unchecked and has always been unchecked. I'm running the latest version of PD7 on Mountain Lion - 7.0.15106 with Parallels Tools also installed. I'm using Windows 7 with Microsoft Office.

    There are numerous focus problems switching between Windows applications as well as with the dialog boxes used in Windows applications.

    For example, if I am looking at a PDF in Acrobat, and can see an Outlook window behind it - clicking on the Outlook window has no effect whatsoever.

    If I want to switch to Outlook, I have to first use OSX to switch to a Mac application and then once focus is established in OSX, I can then move to Outlook.

    But that is even a problem if you have multiple windows open in Outlook. There is no longer any control as to which Outlook window you are brought to.

    Sometimes I am able to switch focus by clicking three times on the program icon in the Windows task bar. First click seems to establish focus on the task bar. 2nd click seems to minimize the window - 3rd click brings the minimized application back. If this worked every time - it might be acceptable as a workaround - but it doesn't work every time.
  20. JacobZ

    JacobZ Junior Member

    Parallels Support here.

    Thanks to everyone above for reporting this issue, our engineering team is aware of it and working on developing a fix.

    We have a KB article with some basic information and a workaround, which was noted in this thread - We suggest that you try this workaround and subscribe to the KB article to be alerted about any future updates on this issue.

    Thanks for participating in our forums,

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