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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by ampc, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. ampc


    After installing 3120, everything works except coherence- cant get it to switch on. Any suggestions?

    Update - after restarting my mac and reinstalling parallels tools it seems to be up and running.
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  2. dkp


    How much installed ram:
    How much ram is given to parallels? (Parallels Preferences):
    How much ram is given to XP? (Edit Virtual Machine):
    Open your OS X activity monitor and see what your memory allocation is. Post a screen shot.
  3. bgraff


    I tried the reinstall and the reboot, still can not get coherenceto work? I am running a MacBook Pro, 2.33 with 3G RAM - 1G allocated to Parallels. Any suggestions?

    Finally got it after two reinstalls of Parallels.
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  4. metis


    I had the same problem. It had to do with a typo in the Coherence tool. I found the solution in another forum - here it is:
    * Make sure latest Parallels Tools are installed. The easiest way is to reboot Windows and make sure you don't see a message offering to upgrade Parallels Tools.
    * Open Start->Run menu and issue the sc delete "parallels coherence service" command.
    * Reboot Windows.
    * Open Start->Run menu, type cmd and press Enter. In the console opened issue the "C:\Program Files\Parallels\Parallels Tools\cohrence" install command
    * Coherence should work again.

    Note: The word "cohrence" above is DELIBERATELY misspelt...took me awhile to figure it out as that's the only way the above will seems parallels stuffed up the spelling..

    Follow the instructions to issue those two commands within windows and boom the next time you click on coherence it'll work great!

    Hope this helps...

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