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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by yusufosman, Jan 24, 2007.

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    I'm running RC1 on a Macbook with 2gb ram

    I manage to get Windows XP to run in Parallels fine no problems there.

    However I can't get coherence to work.

    I've tried the fixes as posted, tried to uninstall parallels tools, remove coherence, resinstall parallels tools, reinstall coherence but now all i get when i try coherence is a fatal error screen asking me to report the bug or the BSOD and the application crashes. it's also crashed my mac a few times

    apart from that windows runs fine but i really like coherence and would like to get it working.

    i've read through the posts here and tried to follow the instructions, unless i'm doing it wrong. when i use the sc delete command in RUN menu i just get a command prompt screen flash on and disappear nothing else happens could that mean it isn't working? or is that what it is supposed to do?

    any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks
  2. yusufosman

    yusufosman Junior Member


    I've gone to command prompt

    I've tried to sc delete parallels coherence service

    I read on another post that cohrence ****spelt wrong***** so ''ve tried to delete it with the wrong spelling

    Each time I get an message saying the specified service does not exist as an installed service.

    So I try to install the service using C:\Program Files\Parallels\Parallels Tools\cohrence and with the correct spelling but each time it says

    The specified service already exists!!!

    I'm confused....I really want to get coherence to work!!!!

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