ColdFusion Studio "Winsock Error: Connection Reset"

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by WickDC, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. WickDC


    I've had this minor problem with everything version of Parallels since the start of the beta. No other major glitches or bugs aside from the standard things everyone has with USB, etc.

    Using Adobe (was Macromedia, was Allaire) ColdFusion Studio (the older big brother to HomeSite) and the built in FTP client, about every other time I try to switch folders to view, open a file, or save a file (upload/download) a window pops up with "Winsock Error: Connection Reset". Hitting okay and trying again always fixes it. Things will work okay for a few more, then same error again. Never crashes anything, just a lot of annoying retries.

    No problems with any other FTP client and I've never seen this with the software on any other version of Windows or different machines.

    I'm running Windows XP Pro on build 3038 (again, same program has been in every build) on a 3GHz Mac Pro with 4GB ram and 1GB devoted to the XP VM which is running most of the time. No other VMs setup or running.

    My guess is that it's some issue with the Networking Driver, but I'm not sure what or what settings to play with either on the Mac or in the VM. Since the networking's been changed many times, I figured eventually it'd go away. I'm not seeing the problem with any other applications at all....FTP clients, SQL Manager, broswing, etc. so it's something specific to CF Studio's networking.

    Anyone else having this or have any thoughts??? THANKS!

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