Command line, blank password, RDP, NLA and reauthentication issue.

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    Whenever I use Parallels Client for Linux via a command line (/opt/2X/Client/bin/appserverclient) for an RDP connection with NLA enabled and I do not pass the password by parameter, the client tries to establish a connection by sending an empty password before and in the sequence displaying a prompt for username e password with window title "Invalid Credentials" to enter the password. This has been perfect for me, except for reauthentication issue.

    Once connected, when instabilities occur on the network, the client is not able to reconnect automatically without having to retype the password. I think the empty password is used to reauthenticate, since when the password is passed by parameter the reconnection occurs automatically.

    The problem is when the connection is in full screen and this situation occurs, while the prompt to enter the credentials is displayed, the user can accidentally click on the remote desktop and send the credentials screen to the background, completely locking the entire workstation, since it is impossible to exit the full screen (Win + ALT + M) and switch between windows / applications.

    Using Parallels in this way is important to me because I have a BASH script with YAD (a zenith fork for graphical prompts) that assembles a custom command line according to each connection requirement, requiring the user to only enter the username and the hostname. Letting Parallels ask for the password will prevent my script from being maliciously modified to write passwords for unauthorized use.

    I would suggest that when the password is omitted, a prompt is provided to enter the user's credentials, before attempting to send a blank password, or a parameter that to offer this screen to the password entry, without a blank password be sent to the server. In the same way as with the GUI application (/opt/2X/Client/bin/2XClient) when the password is omitted in settings.
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