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Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by DVTSVito, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. DVTSVito

    DVTSVito Guest

    Just a few things i have noticed using 2x uni scanning.
    1) When you have the option to select the scanner in 2x and then scan, it will put the selection window under all other windows. This makes it difficult to see and get to the window. Can this window take screen priority? I have tried adjusting other 2x settings to make this work, but not finding anything.

    2) Dual monitor setup: When I scan in some apps, right before the scan….the app will open across both monitors when I had the remote app set to one monitor. I then have to resize the window.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. DVTSVito

    DVTSVito Guest

    testing with latest version and still having problems....

    the scanner select window is still hidden behind other apps when published apps are full screen.
    I really want to roll this out for an upcoming install but This is really becoming a problem.
    the user has to "find" the selection window.

    My testing has been from different computers windows xp and win 7 32 bit.

    thank you.
    Below is from my windows 7 thread with a few other problems.

    1) i have problems scanning multiple pages at a time. (like 20 duplex pages) the scan process would freeze at different times. Some Time's it would be after a few pages...others after many. Outside of 2x, the scanner handled this with out a problem. I was testing with the same apps locally and from the TS session. With different apps, not just one.

    When the scanning locks up, it will hang my TS session which cause a problem. I have to go Kill tasks and anything else i was working on is lost. (other apps)
    This also is the same problem when i had a paper jam. the scan locked and i never got my TS session back. this happened on all platforms BTW.
    2) The Scanner select box is still hidden behind other applications and it is pain going to search for it. (does this on multiple platforms)
  3. DVTSVito,
    this your issues already noticed and we are working on the urgent fix
  4. DVTSVito

    DVTSVito Guest

    Could you be specific on what problems are being addressed?
    There are multiple issues in this thread, all important.
    Please let me know when you have a beta.... i will be happy to test.
  5. DVTSVito,
    highest priority is to fix freeze of scanning in case of multiply pages and correct recover when paper jam happens.
    making showing up scanner selection window on top over other windows also going to be implemetened.
  6. DVTSVito

    DVTSVito Guest

    any update to these issues?
    Thanks for your help.
  7. DVTSVito

    DVTSVito Guest

    Any update on this?
  8. markaarnold

    markaarnold Guest

    I too am having the problem with scanning freezing half-way through a scan. I'm using 8.1(875) with irFanView, scanner is Xerox Documate 152 with TWAIN drivers.

    I notice that I can scan multiple pages at 150dpi with no problem, but when I switch to 300dpi in the TWAIN interface that's when it crashes. It will pull in maybe 3, maybe 5 pages then stops. I can only recover by logging off termserv. My "feeling" is that at higher resolution some buffer is being overloaded.

  9. AdrianC

    AdrianC Guest

    I see exactly the same problem, although I've managed to get it as high as 200dpi and remain stable.
  10. mmeyers

    mmeyers Guest

    We are on version 8.1.875 on 2008 x64 with latest patches. Clients are XP 32 bit latest patches. Currently if you cancel a scan midway through or after between 5 to 7 scans it will lock up the entire 2X scanning engine. Changing the resolution only delays the inevitable lock up. Are there any status update from 2X development on this? Currently I see a lot of people with issues but not a lot of response from 2X as to direction or status updates on this issue.

  11. Speelmanmj

    Speelmanmj Guest

    I recently installed the application server on a Windows 2003. My client machines (XP Pro x86 / Win 7 Pro x86) using 2X Client version 9.0 build 1061.

    The issue I am having seems to be directly related to Duplex scanning. When a duplex scan is processed there typically always is a application screen freeze. Sometimes these freezes are recovered after 20 seconds or so. The more duplex pages in the job the greater chance of Application locks, recovered only by Task Manager "End Task".

    Simplex scans seem to process just fine. My scanners are Fujitsu fi 6130's with the following settings.

    Duplex Enabled
    DPI 150dpi (Standard Resolution)
    Black and White

    Any idea on if there is an update with this issue or what exactly causes this problem?

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