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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by hal9k, Aug 30, 2007.

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    ok so I got my boot camp working, then I installed parallels, had the common problem of "unable to open disk image boot camp" bla bla, used mount in terminal, got my disk adress ... disk0s3 (for me) edited the psv file ... parallels opens the VM and then tells me there is no bootable disk :) like if there was no windows installed???? is there any aplication that I need to instal witin my windowsxp in order for it to be recocnized as a bootable disk??? has anyone encountered that problem? thanks ...

    Mind is llike a parachute, it works perfectly, only when its open ... :)
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    yyy to be precise (how do you spell that??? :) )

    anyways, i just want to make sure we understand eachother ... i get a black screen (like booting on a pc) showing up my ram (the ammount that I have allocated to parallels) the it says boot from hard drive ... failed ... boot from cd/dvd rom ... failed and so on ...
    NO boot device availabe, press Enter to continue ...

    yyy anyone?

    my boot camp winxp works fine ... :/

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