Compiling Intel DLLs in Windows ARM running in M1 Mac?

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by CarlosG21, Feb 25, 2023.

  1. CarlosG21

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    I have an M1 Mac and have read that I can use Parallels to run an ARM version of Windows. I want to run Windows because I need to compile a DLL using MSVC. But these DLLs need to run under Intel (normal) Windows. Is this possible? I am not sure if anything compiled under ARM Windows will run on Intel Windows, does anyone know?
  2. Tharun@P

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    Hello @CarlosG21 , We would like to inform you that Intel-based applications and drivers for Intel chips or hardware for Intel chips are not supported on M1/M2 chips since Apple developed theirs based on the ARM architecture. You can try the steps from this link: to troubleshoot your issue. If the issue persists, then please contact the respective application support or hardware support and check with them if their application or hardware will work on the ARM OS with the M1/M2 chip. Parallels cannot simulate an Intel application or hardware to work on the M1/M2 chip. It has to be done by the respective application or hardware provider. Thanks.

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