Compressor hung?

Discussion in 'Parallels Compressor' started by RolfF, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. RolfF


    I'm using the Compressor tool in Parallels 3.0 build 5060 to compress my Win2k VM.

    It seemed to start okay, with the countdown dialog to automatic mode, which I allowed it to progress to.

    But no progress dialog, as is shown in your documentation, is displayed. I only see a bare Windows desktop, with no desktop icons.

    Running "top" shows a continuous 35-45% CPU usage devoted to Parallels. It's been doing this for about 10 hours.

    How can I tell if it's really doing anything? Can I safely interrupt the Compressor without damaging my VM?
  2. nidayaqoob1230


    Does anyone know of a brand of packaged heat pumps which have 2 compressors. One small one which would run most all the time and a larger compressor which would run only when the load is very high.

    I know Trane has them in the split systems but it seems as though they could do the same in a packaged system. I am not speaking about a variable speed compressor but 2 actual compressors.
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  3. stafys

    stafys Banned

    it is due to some overload.

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