computer identical number issues

Discussion in 'Product updates and feedback' started by suy1, Apr 22, 2024.

  1. suy1


    I'm running parallels and i have a program in windows that required my computer id(from windows) for the licence key but the program in windows unable to detect the computer identical number , is it any solution to solve it ? pls help , tqtq
  2. AkosB

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    Recently I've made alive an ancient win xp program, running in parallels.
    That program's licensing checks for the computer name AND the disk volume id. Changing the computer name is trivial. If you want to change the volume id, you can use the volumeid tool from sysinternals. Search for "volumeid sysinternals".
    (Of course I have valid license for that specific program, but the original hardware where it was installed no longer exists.)

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