Configuration Baseline and Profile installation Permissions

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    I've created a Configuration Baseline and when it applies to a Mac it asks the user to authorize the installation of the Profile. Is there anyway around this were it doesn't ask for permission? Also if the user only has standard security rights on the Mac they cannot install it.
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    I believe you have to use apple configurator 2 and import the baseline. then you can deploy the baseline silently
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    Hi Kenji,
    Todd is on the right path, but doesn't quite give the whole story. If you're trying to deploy a Configuration Profile using PMM's native OS X Config Profile Wizard, I don't believe this is possible. However, it can be done if you create your profile using Apple Configurator 2 via an OS X Server. Once you do and have your exported mobileconfig file you must choose the "Create Parallels Configuration Item" > "Mac OS X Configuration Profile from File" option. When you're creating the Configuration Item this way you are presented with a simple window with "Name", "Description", "Path to file" AND the option to deploy as a "User Profile" or "System Profile".

    If you select "User Profile", the profile will be deployed using the user's credentials, prompting them at the time of delivery to authenticate the profile (what I believe you're describing). However, if you select "System Profile", the profile will be deployed using the system's credentials and deploy quietly in the background. Unlike deploying Software, there are no "silent" options when deploying a Configuration Baseline, so you must make sure the Config Item is built using the correct parameters.

    I have abandoned using the native Parallels Config Profile building tool primarily because it is not possible to deploy a signed profile this way, but as far as I can tell it also isn't possible to use the native tool to deploy a "System Profile" either. Hopefully Parallels can improve the native Profile builder to include such things in the future.

    Good luck,

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