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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jefferis, Sep 14, 2022.

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    So, I have been a long time user of the stand-alone desktop version of Parallels. I think my latest version is 15 although at one point I seem to have a pro version sub that has expired. I am not a fan of subscriptions, but it seems that the only way to upgrade is to buy a subscription. I have purchased Parallels tools separately and really like it but not the fact that I have to buy another copy for my portable when I am on the road. I looked for an upgrade of the stand-alone but don't see one. I am also confused by Access... what is that?

    Do they no longer sell the stand-alone product? Is it upgradeable? I use Parallels about 4 times per year for clients, but it is not cost effective for me to buy a sub for $100 every year. I think the marketing and the options are confusing.

    Can anyone explain this situation to me? For example, I don't see any record of my stand-alone serial number in my account though I have one for v.15 and an expired one from 2020 for Pro.

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