Connecting the internet for COMPLETE dummies!

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by rickMuc, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. rickMuc


    hi there...

    first, i have to apologize, there are a lot of threads about "hot to connect XP running via Paralles to the internet", i've seen them, but: i am the most unexperienced user when it comes to network etc. -> i just don't understand most of it :)

    can someone please be so kind and tell me how to set up the internet connection in XP.

    the internet-connection in OS X is working (i'm using a dsl-modem connected to the ethernet-slot of my imac).

    I also tried to start the Internet-Sharing with all sorts of combinations (where do I have to choose which Ethernet?? en2??? en1???)

    What do I have to tell XP?

    thanks for the help!!! cheers, andreas
  2. burtd


    Did you receive any replies? I am having similar problems, although I did have a connection that was working at one time and then after an update installation, it stopped working. Good luck to you
  3. johnaskins


    Try using Airport instead of Ethernet. Worked for me.

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