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    I have created a couple of dozen connections in 2x Client and would like to sort them alphabetically whenever I add a new connection. Is there a way to do this?
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    Hi there,

    there is not such possibility yet.
    However, thanks a lot for this, we'll take it in consideration and have opened a feature request already.

    Kind regards,
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    There is a "Google" sign behind the Optimus 2x, and I couldn't understand the reason. When I check its specifications, there is nothing written about Google.
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    I recently came to a point where I needed to add more connections to my list but I hate loosing alphabetical order so I came up with a workaround until this is properly implemented. This is a little tedious but it honestly isn't as complicated to actually do as it looks to explain it.

    If you export your 2X connections (File, Export) and then open up the .2xc file in Notepad, you'll be greeted with a whole load of lovely random text. In order to move your connections order around, there are 2 things you'll have to do.

    1. Find the connections start and end marks
    2. Re position connection and rename start and end markers appropriately.

    I've done a brief test and the spacing between connections doesn't seem to matter. By default, all connections are just stringed together with no spacing at all. You might find setting the notepad to Wordwrap makes the document a little easier to work with (Format; Wordwrap).

    The start and end mark points are in the format "<D00xx>" where xx can be numbers 1-9 or letters a-f (It seems to use Hex) I do have some connections using an initial F rather than D, but I suspect these might be for connections in folders. To explain the connection markers, they start at D0000, then once they reach D0009 the next on is D000a. When it reaches D000f the next number is D0010 and so on (D0019-d001a, D001f-D0020 ect)

    To find these, hit CTRL+F to bring up the find box and search for the name of the connection you want to move. When you find it, the first marker should be just before the name so scan to the left a bit till you find it (Or, click on the name of the connection then use the Find tool to search for "D00" and select the "Up" radial button) When you find it, lets say it's D002e, bring up the find box again and enter this into the search to find the end marker, which will be in the format </D002e> (You can input an empty line with the enter button before the start marker so you don't loose it). Now you have both the start and end markers, you can extract the particular connection you want to move. Cut this connection out, from the start of the start marker to the end of the end marker and paste it into a separate notepad.

    Now, while you're there, take a note of the end marker of the previous connection to the one you just took out, so in this case it should be </D002d> as long as there wasn't an original D002d which was deleted at some point. Now, what you want to do next is find the connection which will go after the connection you just cut once you put it in it's new place. You'll repeat the same steps mentioned above to find the start marker, for now lets say it's <D001f>. And now comes the fun part. The connection you just cut (D002e) has now left a gap, and the connection markers will now jump from D002d to D002f. You're going to fill that gap by renaming all the connections from D001f to D002d up one. You can use the Find and Replace tool to make this considerably easier (Edit; Replace). MAKE SURE TO START FROM THE END!! So, D002d becomes D002e, D002c becomes D002d, D0029 becomes D002a and D001f becomes D0020, ect, ect.

    Rename them all up 1 unit so the gap now lies between D001e and D0020. This is the gap you're going to put the connection you cut out earlier in. Copy the connection from the other Notepad into that gap and make sure you rename it's markers appropriately, so in this case you would rename it D001f.

    Save the file (Making sure it's saves as .2xc and not .2xc.txt) and them import it into your 2X, the move should now be made. You might also want to make a backup of your current settings in case something went wrong.

    So to sum up;
    1 Find the markers for the connection you want to move and cut the connection out of the document into an empty one
    2 find the markers of the connection you want to be after the one you just cut
    3 rename all connection markers up one value, from the one you found in above step 2 to the connection before the one you cut out (closing the gap you made cutting and opening another one to cut back into)
    4 copy&paste the connection you want to move into the newly created gap and rename it's markers appropriately.

    Maybe someone out there may even be able to write a script to automate this process but here it is if anyone wants to alphabetize their connections :)
  5. Shadow1469

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    I'm trying to accomplish the same thing. Anyone know where the Android 2X client stores the connection information?
  6. stephanhughson

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    The ability to sort alphabetically is really important.

    gs, I see you made a feature request in 2011. Do you know if there has been any progress?

    thanks for your help and the product.
  7. jpc

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    That feature has now been there for quite a long time and should be enabled by default. If not, go to "..." > "Settings" > "Appearance" > "Auto Sort Application Listing" and ensure that it is checked.
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