Connection with dispatcher has been lost - Ubuntu 18.04

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    Hi all -

    I am running an always-on Ubuntu 18.04 client VM in Parallels 14 on Mojave, running on a Mac Mini. It's been working great overall as a home web server, but recently, I've run into issues where the VM shuts itself down. I think I have everything configured so it never sleeps and always starts with the host OS.

    In parallels.log, I see the following at the time of crash.

    01-21 04:46:11.291 F /vm:901:22787/ Connection with dispatcher has been lost (!)
    01-21 04:46:11.291 F /vm:901:22787/ Vm will be stopped (!)
    01-21 04:46:11.291 F /vm:901:22787/ WARNING: Stopping VM because of a fatal failure (!).

    Any ideas?


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