Connection with dispatcher has been lost - Ubuntu 18.04

Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by EvanC4, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. EvanC4

    EvanC4 Bit Poster

    Hi all -
    I am running an always-on Ubuntu 18.04 client VM in Parallels 14 on Mojave, running on a Mac Mini. It's been working great overall as a home web server, but recently, I've run into issues where the VM shuts itself down. I think I have everything configured so it never sleeps and always starts with the host OS.

    In parallels.log, I see the following at the time of crash.

    01-21 04:46:11.291 F /vm:901:22787/ Connection with dispatcher has been lost (!)
    01-21 04:46:11.291 F /vm:901:22787/ Vm will be stopped (!)
    01-21 04:46:11.291 F /vm:901:22787/ WARNING: Stopping VM because of a fatal failure (!).

    Any ideas?

  2. KebhaK@Parallels

    KebhaK@Parallels Staff Member

    Hi Evan, Did you update Ubuntu OS and also during shut down did you get any error or crash messages.
  3. EvanC4

    EvanC4 Bit Poster

    Hi KebhaK -

    The Ubuntu OS is fully updated / patched, but those updates didn't correspond with the seemingly spontaneous shutdowns. I wasn't present when the VM shutdown (middle of the night), but I also didn't see any Ubuntu OS errors relating to the shutdown.

    It appeared that Parallels triggered a commandline shutdown in the OS and it shutdown "normally".

    I opened a ticket with Parallels support about this, and they suggested turning off Time Machine backups of the VM. I have done this and the shutdown hasn't occurred again since. I would like to use Time Machine to back up the VM, though, so figuring out a way to get that working with the Ubuntu VM would be great.
  4. MarreroG

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    Hey, I had the same problem. I followed advice on this page and it worked:
    In /etc/systemd/system display-manager.service was symlinked to lightdm
    I removed that symlink and created a new one pointing to gdm instead
    ln -sf /lib/systemd/system/gdm.service display-manager.service vivavideomaker
    Rebooted and no problems.
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  5. EvanC4

    EvanC4 Bit Poster

    Thanks MarreroG - And that was for the same "Connection with dispatcher has been lost (!)" error in parrallels.log?

    Wonder why the linux display manager would affect the ability of the VM to run?

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