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Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Windows' started by JasonB26, Jun 5, 2019.

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    On two separate machines, I have added connections to a RAS server (via 2 separate IP addresses, so 2 connections in total on each machine) only to have them disappear a few days later. The RAS client is 16.5.2 (build 20590).
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    @JasonB26 That should happen only if the settings are removed from disk/registry or rendered unaccessible/unreadable to the client.

    Are you installing the client via zip/exe (per-user) or via msi (system-wide)?
    For the zip/exe, the connection settings will be stored in an ini file next to the client.
    For the msi, the connection settings should be stored in the registry under

    If this happens again, avoid interacting with the client (as it may override your settings) and first check if the settings are still present. If they are not there, then it could be that some 3rd party tool is removing them (e.g. a registry cleaner, or a an application/gpo that pushes registry settings remotely, or maybe you were using a temporary user profile when you first set it up)
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