Continuous shortcuts don't work

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ArthurF1, Mar 1, 2023.

  1. ArthurF1

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    I'm trying to run the shortcuts in sequence:
    - Shift + Cmd + F
    - Cmd + S, keeping Cmd pressed from the previous shortcut.

    What would be expected is to format the document (Shift + cmd + F) and then save the document (Cmd + S).
    However, what happens is: the document is formatted (ok) and then the letter 's' is typed (not ok).
    For it to work, I have to release all the keys, and only then execute the next shortcut.

    I've already tried to map the shortcuts in the shortcuts settings, but it didn't work.
    What I noticed is that this problem happens when I have to release a key from a shortcut, and then execute another shortcut while still keeping a key pressed from the previous shortcut. On the other hand, shortcuts that use the same keys work perfectly, as in the case of Cmd + C and then Cmd + V.

    Is this some kind of issue, or did I just not configure it correctly?

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