Control Volume of individual apps on Mac

Discussion in 'Parallels Toolbox Feature Suggestions' started by YoniB, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. YoniB

    YoniB Bit poster

    Hi Parallels team,
    I initially suggested this on Twitter and was told to come here.
    My suggestion is that you guys add a volume mixer for different apps, something akin to that of Windows.
    Thanks for your consideration!
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  2. FarakhZ

    FarakhZ Bit poster

    Windows allows you to control the volume of each application in the sound mixer. There are some applications available for macs that do this but it would be nice to include in the parallels toolbox
  3. UlisesR

    UlisesR Bit poster

    Add the feature of adjust the volume of different apps at the same time (e.g. adjust the volume of a video in Youtube in order to hear well a zoom meeting or vice versa)
  4. ScottN5

    ScottN5 Bit poster

    Currently you can only mute the system audio, unlike Windows mixer app. I found this would be useful as I'm in a Microsoft Teams class, we're doing labs, I don't want to shut Teams down, but I wanted to play music or watch a video during the break, and someone else in the Teams call keeps chatting away.

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