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  1. adamcieslak


    Hello all,

    I am having an odd problem, I am running Windows XP as the guest OS in parallels 5, on OS X snow leopard, everything is updated to the most current versions.

    The Windows XP is mounted as a drive in Finder, I routinely move files between OS X and Windows XP. In Parallels 4, if I moved a file in XP to the C: drive, I would go to Finder and move it from the mounted Windows drive. Likewise, if I move a file from OS X, say the mac desktop, and drag it to the mounted Windows C: Drive, I would go into the guest XP, open windows explorer, and the file is there under C:

    NOW, in parallels 5, if i perform any of the above, the file disappears or gets hidden in finder. What I mean is this: say I have a file on my mac desktop, I drag and copy it to the mounted C: drive in another finder window, the file copies over, and then literally disappears. Finder does not display the newly copied file at all. BUT when I go into the guest XP, there the file is under the C: drive, as it should be.

    Likewise if I do the reverse and while in XP, copy a file to the C: drive, XP sees and shows the file, but if I open a Finder window, the file is simply not displayed.

    Is there some issue or permissions setting where Finder hides newly copied files to/from the guest OS? I also should note, this ONLY happens when I am moving/copying files to the C: drive in XP. If I copied a file to C:\folder\ for example, everything works as it should.

    Any help or thoughts would be great, thanks!!
  2. adamcieslak


    Examples of improper visibility attributes on files/folders.

    Here are some examples of how OS X/parallels 5 is setting improper file/folder visibility attributes in the Windows XP C:\ drive:

    Example 1 - Copying a File to the Guest OS, Windows XP, C:\ drive:
    1) I have a text file test.txt
    2) While in Windows XP, I copy test.txt to C:\
    3) Now I open Finder in OS X 10.6.4
    4) I click [C] Microsoft Windows XP, which is mounted by parallels in OS X
    5) The test.txt file is NOT displayed by OS X, it is just not there.
    6) However, in Windows XP, if I open Windows Explorer, and navigate to C:\, the test.txt file is there and accessible.

    Example 2 - Creating a New Folder in Windows XP under the C:\ drive:
    1) While in Windows XP, I create a new folder called "New Folder" under the C:\ drive = C:\New Folder\
    2) Now I open Finder in OS X 10.6.4
    3) I click [C] Microsoft Windows XP, which is mounted by parallels in OS X
    4) The newly created folder, "New Folder" is NOT displayed by OS X, it is just not there.
    5) However, in Windows XP, if I open Windows Explorer, I can see and navigate to C:\New Folder\

    Example 3 - Creating a New Folder while in OS X finder in the mounted C: Drive:
    1) While in OS, I open Finder
    2) I click [C] Microsoft Windows XP, which is mounted by parallels in OS X
    3) I create a new folder in Finder, called "untitled folder" under the C:\ drive = C:\untitled folder\
    4) Finder shows the newly created "untitled folder", BUT
    5) As soon as I switch to Parallels, so the Guest OS has control, and "untitled folder" literally disappears before my eyes, and Finder no longer displays "untitled folder". Windows XP still successfully displays C:\untitled folder in Windows Explorer.
    6) I repeat steps 3-5, and create a second new folder, "untitled folder2" in Finder, in the mounted C:\ drive. Finder shows "untitled folder2" and the first "untitled folder" also REAPPEARS. But again, as soon as I switch to Parallels, and the Guest OS takes control, both "untitled folder2" and "untitled folder" DISAPPEAR again.

    Example 4 - Everything working properly - Copying a File to another folder, other than C:\ in Windows XP:
    1) I have a text file test.txt
    2) While in Windows XP, I copy test.txt to C:\Windows\
    3) Now I open Finder in OS X 10.6.4
    4) I click on [C] Microsoft Windows XP, which is mounted by parallels in OS X, and navigate to the "Windows" folder
    5) The test.txt file is shown in both OS X Finder and in Windows XP, as you would expect, everything works properly

    If anyone has any suggestions, or insight, it would be very much appreciated, thanks!
  3. cmon360


    ’m sorry for the troubles you’re having. To solve the problem as quickly as possible I recommend submitting a support ticket with the Parallels team
  4. strawbot


    Was this problem solved? I am experiencing the same issue. Same setup. Grrrrr.
  5. adamcieslak


    Nope. I actually went through the whole support process, spoke with multiple tech support staff members, and even had a net-meeting session where one of the members of tech support watched my mac screen as I recreated the problem.

    Pretty much, I was given a bunch of bs reasons why the problem existed with the typical "solutions" - fixing permission, reinstalling, having tech support actually tell me that it thats parallels is SUPPOSED to function in that manner and nothing was wrong.

    After some more coaxing, I was able to get a tech support member to divulge that the issue was with macFUSE (what parallels installs in os x and uses to work with windows file systems - see

    But I'm not convinced, as I never had the problem with parallels 2 and 3. To me it just really seemed like tech support was passing the blame the whole time, and just couldn't admit there was a bug in parallels 4 and 5 that they have yet to resolve...but that's just my opinion. If they could've just admitted that it was a bug, I could be fine with that, but the guy literally told me that parallels was supposed to work like that, and that was the intended functionality... riiiiiiiiiiight.

    anyhoo, never got the problem fixed, still isn't fixed, i just created a work around by using a shared folder in the windows install (oh yeah the tech support told me at one point shared folders were created by parallels to replace the previous functionality, which doesn't make any sense, then why even allow the guest OS to be mounted?)

    good luck!
  6. strawbot


    Wow that sucks. All I did was change the file name in Finder. Windows saw the new file name but the Finder just saw the old file name with a file size of 0K and it couldn't do anything with it. It is ok if you restart windows but that is not very useful. I need the files to be in Windows but I'd much rather work them using Mac tools. If 6.0 will solve the problem I'll upgrade. Perhaps I'll do a backup and do the 6.0 trial to see if it is fixed.
  7. Bit Poster

    I'm now seeing this in V8 (Build 8.0.18354 - Revision 823166; December 4, 2012)
    I though I was being stupid, but every time I save a file from Outlook to a folder, I can see it in windows explorer, but can 't see it in Finder.
    This is a fairly recent experience. I'm almost positive I've only experienced this for about the last 3-4 months.

    There seems to be a latency issue - I'm not sure what Latency Period I'm looking at. 10 minutes isn't enough - just waited that long.
    However, the files magically appear in Finder when I relaunch Finder.
    Does anyone have current experience with this?

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