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    I bought two copies of Parallels - one for a friend with exactly the same Macbook, same configs, bought at same time.

    I have successfully created and been using WinxpHDD for a few weeks and have it all set up and intsalled and now want to use that VM for the friends MacBook to save him having to go through all the installation procedures etc - we use about the same setup. I had quite a few problems during installation - not insurmountable but required a lot of time and patience and it runs absolutely great so I want to save the time of installation and possible problems.

    What is the best way? Custom installation and use existing? It seems to me that I would copy everything into external drive and install Parallels and do custom installation then point at external drive and go. But I notice there is also a clone function.

    Whatever is the best way I need specific guidelines as the Help File didn't make it clear to me. I have an external USB HDD that we can use, as well as being able to put us both on the same network. We have the right licences etc for everything.

    If it is possible, and it works out, then how do I tell his machine's WinXP to use a new code for his own copy of WinXP.

    Many thanks if you can help. Parallels has been a great thing to enable me to use those programmes I have to now I have switched to Mac.

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    I worked it out.

    Installed Parallels on second machine using custom install, told it to use vm which I had copied to external hard drive, started winxp, shut down, copied files from first machine to corresponding folder on second machine, edited pvs file and it works great. Not a glitch.

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