Corded/Wireless/BlueTooth Mouse with Parallels 18 & Windows 11

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Apple Silicon (M1) Mac' started by SWANDY, Sep 19, 2022.


    SWANDY Kilo Poster

    Question for users. I have Parallels 18.0.2 and Windows 11 with all the most recent updates. I have an Apple Magic mouse, and a Logitech M720 both set up in Mac for Bluetooth and both picked up perfectly by Parallels and Windows 11. However I am not in love how the Apple Magic Mouse works in Windows and the Logitech works better but in some Steam games it just doesn't work well IMHO.
    So my question is would a corded mouse (or even using the USB Logitech dongle) work better from others opinions. The Logitech mouse works well enough in Windows 11 EXCEPT in the few games I play under Steam (primarily Links E6 golf and Grim Dawn).

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