CorelDraw 2024 runs Windows11 VM awfully slowly with Parallels Desktop 19!

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    I have a big problem with CorelDraw Graphic Suite 2024 (CDGS2024) running under Windows (10 or 11, indifferently) as a Parallels Desktop 19.n virtual machine.

    Until last October or November (I can't remember exactly), I used to run CDGS2023 on Windows10 pro, installed on Boot Camp used as a virtual machine with Parallels Desktop 18, on a 2018 MacBook Pro: Everything was fine. Everything was fast.

    Then I upgraded my MacBook Pro with CDGS2024 and Parallels Desktop 19...
    And then everything went downhill.

    I also recently bought a Mac mini with an M2 Pro processor (32GB RAM). I installed Parallels Desktop Pro 19 and Windows11 as a virtual machine, on which I also installed CDGS2024.

    Here's what I see:

    On my MacBook Pro (Intel CPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 1 connected 4K display, used for the VM):
    - If I boot directly into Windows10 and run CDGS2024, everything runs smoothly and quickly: This is by far the fastest configuration (even compared to the configurations on my Mac mini).
    - If I run Windows 10 via Parallels Desktop on macOS: as long as I'm not running CDGS2014, everything's fine. I'm a bit slow with Office (Windows365), but nothing too annoying.
But as soon as I launch CDGS2024, things start to go wrong very quickly:
    - At first, even opening a file and displaying the working environment (toolbars, tool panels, etc.) can take several minutes.
    - Then, even a basic action such as selecting an object can take up to... ... 1 hour or more !!!!
    - And the whole of Windows 10 is then slowed down to the point where it's simply no longer usable! I can't close CDGS2024, the Windows10 screen no longer refreshes properly, everything freezes (or rather, becomes incredibly slow)

    I've tested with various memory and CPU configurations for the VM, but to no avail.
    I've also tested without the 4k screen: it's clearly better, but still very slow and degrading over time. It's also much less comfortable to work in.

    On my Mac mini (M2 Pro, 32 GO RAM, 1TO SSD, two 4k screens, one for the VM:
    - Obviously, I can no longer test a BootCamp-type configuration
    - Windows11, installed on the system SSD and run as a virtual machine, runs very well and quickly (Windows365 applications, LibreOffice, FreeCAD... run perfectly well and quickly).
    - But if I run CDGS2024, everything goes downhill:
    - For about 2 hours, the application is usable, provided you only work on very simple files, with few objects. Usable, but still very slow: a simple object selection can take several seconds (from the moment I click on the object to the display of selection handles, and even longer for the display of object properties).
    - But the degradation is gradual, to the point of aberration: simply selecting an object can take several minutes, or even tens of minutes! Not to mention all the problems encountered on the MacBook Pro, with just 2 or 3 hours of additional delay...
    - If I move the VM file to a hard disk or an external SSD (even a fast one), performance is degraded accordingly, and I find that the disk where the VM file is located is constantly under strain, without any respite, if CDGS is launched.

    I've also tested several memory and CPU configurations on the Mac mini, but to no avail.

    I've also tested CDGS2023 on my MacBook Pro: it's a little better than CDGS2024, but still very, very slow!

    Would it be possible for the Parallels and CorelDraw teams to see the problem together and try to fix it?

    In the meantime, is there anything I can do to improve the situation? I really need to use the Windows version of CDGS for my work, and at the moment I'm forced to use my old MacBook in BootCamp mode, which isn't very practical.
    If possible, I'd like to stop using the old MacBook Pro and just use the new Mac Mini.

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