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    As the success of Plesk and its partners continues to grow, we have created a thriving industry of resellers, third-party software developers and domain owners. Unfortunately, our success also attracts opportunists from around the world looking to exploit the reputation of our products and partners.

    We have received several complaints about ventures that infer they have a legitimate business endorsed by Plesk to provide a service or product for our PSA hosting automation platform. These ventures appropriate, without our permission, the use of Plesk trademarks, Web-site links and product literature for the express intent of selling services and/or products in which they would be required to login to your server.

    To date, the queries we have received have unanimously been about ventures that have not been trained, authorized or certified to service any of our products or provide software that integrates with our products. Unlike Plesk, these ventures do not require legal permission to login into your server and probe sensitive files. Since Plesk cannot attest to the technical competence of these entities, we urge you to exercise extreme caution in making your server and sensitive files available to them.

    Plesk feels obligated to inform our community of users about any potential threats, whether they take the form of software viruses or other potential intrusions that could destabilize your operations.

    To confirm if a company is a Plesk partner, visit

    If you receive any suspicious solicitations for a Plesk-related service or product from an unauthorized entity please contact us at or 703.815.5670.

    Plesk Management

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