Corrupt hal.dll and cannot boot from XP CD

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by jamie, Aug 16, 2007.

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    Hi, I have a new Mac Pro quad core 2.66 GHz with two superdrives. I cannot get the Parallels image to boot off of the CD to repair the hal.dll file. I have tried connecting the CD ROM to all 4 IDE connectors and it doesn't connect to the device. Is there any way to view the .hdd file in such a way as to replace the corrupted file through OS X like can be done with a read/write disk image file?
    We spent hours installing specialized software on this partition so to have to start from scratch would be a huge pain. Any ideas?
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    Please set the Boot Sequence to "CD ROM, Hard Disk, Floppy" in the configuration editor in order to boot the VM from the CD,

    Please read this article (How to get access to the config. editor and edit the configuration) for more information.

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  3. jamie

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    I did that, at least 5 times. It was saving the setting. I've selected both CD drives in the configuration editor but it totally ignores the setting and does not seem to mount the XP cd. It does show up on the Mac side, so I know the drive(s) are good. It has also given error messages of "cannot mount *insert long name of superdrive model here*" occasionally. This has worked before, as there was software installed on the hdd file from CDs when it was working
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    Follow steps 1-12 from this KB article to create an image you can use in the VM as a substitute for the real disc. What you are saying seems to imply that the disc itself is fine, but Parallels is having trouble connecting to your disc drive.

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