Corrupted data downloaded to Garmin GPS

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jmercurius, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. jmercurius

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    i've been using parallels for over two months to interface with my garmin gpsmap 60c using the usb connection. i've been able to do this without any problems until about two weeks ago. what changed, i don't know, i haven't changed or uploaded any new software.
    regardless, i now have difficulty interfacing with my gps, most of the time it will still work, but when i load maps onto the unit, the data is often corrupted and the autorouting features usually don't work.
    i've reloaded all software (parallels, windows, mapsource) and spent a lot of time on the phone trying to figure out the problem with garmin, even to the point that i got a brand new gps, but the problem persists. has anyone else had these issues, any suggestions what i can do about it? i'd like to stay on the mac, but thus far, it looks like i may have to get my money back for parallels and go back to a pc.
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    Try Fusion to see if that works

    I would load up and try out Fusion to see if that works. If it does, then the problem is not with the Mac or the GPS, but with the Windows install or with Parallels. Trying Fusion is the only way to quickly narrow down where the error may lie.
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    I too have been using //'s since it came out with the intent of using it to load maps to my Garmin Quest. It the beginning it wouldn't work at all (see the various posts on known issues). Prior to v3 I finally had some success but now it's definately hit or miss.

    My data seems to be corrupted too as routing & map data is often incorrect or missing. Sometimes a route will be calculated but a section along the way will be missing.

    I don't necessarily blame //'s for this as it has long been known that Garmin's USB interface has been terrible. Many claim to have had issues even using a PC.

    As far as suggestions or a work around? I would love to find out myself. Make sure that your unit is running the most up to date firmware and that your garmin USB drivers are up to date as well.

    As you seem to be new to the forum, I would suggest doing a search of all the posts on Garmin to get some background info.

    Me? I plan to retire my old Quest and buy a nuvi model as I won't need to ever use Mapsource again!
  4. jmercurius

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    thanks for the suggestions so far. i'll check out fusion. i've been reading discussion forums on here, but thought i'd ask my specific question. i never had any issues interfacing with the pc, but being a mac user for business, i wanted to keep it all on the same computer. i may have to go back to pc, unfortunately. i wonder if there's any success to be had in using the serial/usb adapter. i don't really want to go out and buy more equipment as so far parallels has been a dud, but if that's what it takes to make it work, then i'll have to check it out.
  5. fbronner

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    Last time this happened to me, I simply wiped every map from my Quest and then re-did the download of the maps I needed, and make sure you are using maps from the same version of mapsource (I had an issue once with downloading both v7 and v8 version of the maps caused the auto-route to stop working). This corrected both the corruption of data and the auto-route not working.

    By the way, I was using a PC, not a mac at the time.
  6. jmercurius

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    thanks for the tip on fusion. i talked to a few people– garmin, some mac specialists, the parallels team, and accordingly downloaded some updates, but still had the same issues.
    i just loaded the beta version of fusion on in place of parallels and so far (crosses fingers), i'm not finding any problems or corruptions. but only time will tell. i wonder how long the beta version will last before it expires, but i might just have to purchase that and unload parallels. i sure hope this will solve the problem. thanks for all the help, i'll keep you all posted.

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