Corrupted HDD File?

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    Last week I upgraded to Parallels 3.0. There was some pain associated with the upgrade, primarily when I tried to upgrade Parallel Tools. I had a couple of crashes, and eventually took a kernel panic. However, I was finally able to get it going and ran for a couple of days just fine, running a couple of different apps in coherence mode off and on.

    When I tried to start Parallels today, I received the error message "File /Users/.../winxp.hdd seems to be not a regular file and cannot be used as a hard disk image." A search of the forums revealed a number of people that had various issues with the DiskDescriptor.xml file getting corrupted, trashed, etc. I can read my DiskDescriptor.xml file just fine, and it mostly looks OK, with one exception. In the <Image> block within the <Storage> block, I see:

    <GUID> ... </GUID>

    (I replaced the GUIDs with the "..." entries above.) Note that there is a <Flags/> closing tag without a <Flags> tag before it. I'm assuming this would be a problem, although I don't know if it is enough to cause the error message above. Would one of you forum readers kindly look at your DiskDescriptor.xml and post what your section of that file looks like around that point?

    I do have a backup of my winxp.hdd file on an external drive. However, it does not appear to be in package format, so I can't retrieve an old copy of DiskDescriptor.xml from it. I'm guessing that the package format for the .hdd file came in later releases of Parallels? (I think I was running 1.x before the upgrade...I can't remember ever upgrading to 2.x, although I may have.)

    Thanks for any assistance.

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