Could you please help with sharing the cpu_models that would be supported by QEMU

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Need the CPU_model name to be specified for the CPU in lscpu

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    I have built Openstack with multinode on Parallels Desktop using Ubuntu Server 22.04 arm64 iso. The Parallels Desktop 19 is running on my Mac M1 pro, since kvm is not supported, I am using qemu (aarch64) trying to create VMs on the compute node (ubuntu server VM on Parallels Desktop). In Nova configuration, it is not working with cpu-mode host-passthrough or host-model. Hence I am trying to use cpu mode in custom. But it requires cpu-models name to be specific. Could you please help on what could be provided in this scenario? Has there been any cases on openstack tried on your hypervesior with qemu-system-aarch64 emulation?

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