CPU usage issue after upgrading to v16.1.3

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by KrzysztofO, Feb 7, 2021.

  1. KrzysztofO

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    I've had a pretty stable Windows 10 on macOS 11 (from 11.1 through recent 11.3 beta) in Parallels 16.1.2 up to recent (Friday?) upgrade to v16.1.3. Since then my Windows 10 keeps spinning up 100% on all 8 CPU cores it has available which is mostly attributed to Microsoft Telemetry service. But nothing like this ever happened while on 16.1.2
    I checked the settings, but in Security & Privacy everything is ok, I check defragmentation and errors on disk of the VM and all looks good too.
    So now I'd like to go back to v16.1.2 to check if I can get rid of this issue. is there any way I could do that? I wasn't able to find the installer on the official site.
  2. MuratG

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    Same here. iMac turned out crazy after updating to latest version. Fans spinning like a crazy. Just logged in to forum to see if it's just me or everyone. But it seems i'm not the only one who experience it.
  3. Hi, please use this link to download Parallels Desktop 16.1.2
    Please let us know if the issue reoccurs.

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